About Us

EventStream Media is a video production company based near Milton Keynes who specialize in creating videos targeted for social media and online presence. We have been running since January of 2014 and have completed numerous projects for companies such as Volvo, PA Consulting, the RS Feva Class Association, the 29er Class Association and Akeley Wood School. 

We pride ourselves on delivering our videos in a more than timely manner – Producing videos as soon after the event as possible. A good example of this is the Sports Day video we produced for Akeley Wood School – Which was released within 5 hours of the event finishing. Releasing the videos we produce so soon after an event has finished has proved a vital step in gaining a lot of publicity as it “seizes the moment” of the event, which allows people to watch the video whilst they still have the event fresh in their mind.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at dominic.cotterill@eventstreammedia.co.uk if you have any inquiries or would like a quote.