Project Volunteer Sri Lanka – What is it?

I’m sure a lot of you will have seen the activity around fundraising for Project Volunteer Sri Lanka over the past 4 or 5 months. I’ve had a lot of questions from people asking me what the project is, what the project is about, where the money will be going and how the money will help. This post aims to explain the project and answer all of those questions.

What is Project Volunteer Sri Lanka?

Project Volunteer Sri Lanka is a project set up by Janaka De Silva aimed around providing a continuous support network to the local community of Galle. The overall aim is to help them recover from the tsunami which destroyed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives in 2004.

The project is based in Galle, Sri Lanka and relies on the concept of small teams of volunteers going out in intervals over the year to help and provide their skills, which results in a constant flow of voluntary services to the locals.

Throughout the trip, volunteers:

  • Help educate children who otherwise would have no education
  • Help relocate street-children in safe living conditions
  • Help victims of rape to learn to cook and allow them to get a job
  • Working with the elderly to bring them comfort and improve their living conditions, especially for the sick and lonely.
  • Work with orphans to improve their lifestyle and living conditions.

How is EventStream Media involved?

This summer, myself and 21 other students (pictured below at one of our fundraising balls) from my school are going out to Sri Lanka for 2 and a half weeks to help rebuild the community of Galle following the tsunami the country encountered in 2004. We will be participating in all the projects listed above and more – It will be an intense 2 1/2 weeks, however we are all really looking forward to this opportunity and have all been working extremely hard to raise money for the cause.

For the last 5 months, all the money that EventStream Media has generated has gone directly to the Project Volunteer Sri Lanka project. We’ve designed T-shirts, sold prints and photos, designed various bits of graphic design and generally helped with the marketing aspect of the project.

I’ve personally been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone in the community surrounding me and I’m incredibly proud to be able to say I’m going out to Sri Lanka to help volunteer my time and skills. So a massive thank you to everyone who has donated money towards the cause so far.

There’s still opportunity to help – Every volunteer going has a goal of £1000 in order to help fund the trip. You can donate to the cause by clicking the box below and heading over to the GoFundMe page!

Thank you all so much in advance, I’ll keep you updated as the project continues and at the end of the project we will be releasing an overview video of our trip which will also hopefully help promote the project so that more volunteers can go out.

The team of Project Volunteer Sri Lanka who will be going out to Galle this summer
The team of Project Volunteer Sri Lanka who will be going out to Galle this summer

Project Volunteer Sri Lanka fundraising ball photography

We’ve had a busy weekend!

On Friday night, we were at Buckingham Town Hall doing the photography for the Project Volunteer Sri Lanka fundraising ball. It was a fantastic atmosphere and was generally a really enjoyable night. You can take a look at the photos from the event in the “Gallery” section of our website and clicking on “Sri Lanka Ball 2016”.

On Saturday, we were at Hayling Island Sailing Club selling the photos we’ve taken over the past year of the RS Feva fleet – With all the money going towards Project Volunteer Sri Lanka – More to come on that in a future post…

Over the course of the whole weekend we managed to raise over £250 for the Project Volunteer Sri Lanka cause – Amazing!

Thank you to everyone who bought prints from us over the weekend – It means so much to me and it’s unbelievable how much such a little amount of money can transform these people’s lives and give them a better chance at life.

SL Ball Photo-1 SL Ball Photo-2

Preperation for Sri Lanka Ball

We’ve been working tirelessly for the last 2 weeks to produce tickets, graphic design work (ie. posters, flyers, brochures etc.) for the Project Volunteer Sri Lanka Trip 2016. The main fundraising event takes place tonight and we will be there to capture photo’s and video of throughout the night! Photos from the event will be uploaded in the next few days to the “Gallery” section of our website.

Stay tuned!